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European Roulette Strategies

Those who have known roulette for quite some time now are probably aware of the casino game's two most popular flavors: European and American. The latter is prevalent in New World casinos like those in Rio and Vegas. Meanwhile, the former is considered the default variant, and is - despite its name - popular not only in Europe but a majority of casinos worldwide.

With regards to this, you may want to ask: What made European roulette a lot more popular than its American counterpart? For this, one can easily opine that, well, it's just a lot better. However, such judgment is purely subjective. One can admit though, that playing the European version of roulette has the advantages you can't find in the American variant.

The first one can probably think of as the advantage of European roulette is its single zero setup. In fact, this is perhaps the only visible difference this version of the casino game has to its New World counterpart that instead employs two zeros. You might be thinking that this is but a mundane dissimilarity, but the thing is, it has a lot to do with your odds of winning a roulette game. The green zero slot decreases the chances of the profitable outside bets from winning by around 3%.

The zero is technically the game's sole house edge. As outside bets never include 0 or its green square, such bets always lose whenever zero comes up as the spin's result.

The effect of these zeros aren't only applicable to outside bets however. The odds of winning a single bet in European roulette - considering the zero and numbers 1 to 36 - is 1:37, or one random win in 37 results. In comparison, single bets in American and other double zero roulette varieties have a lower 1:38 odds of winning.

To top this off, European roulette normally features the La Partage and En Prison rules. The former is put into play once the spin results in zero. If your bet is not on zero and thereby lose, you'll get an option to recover half of your bets. Otherwise, you can opt for the En Prison rule where the bet is left on the board intact for the next spin. Indeed, with all these features that increase one's chances of winning, European roulette seems to want its players to enjoy more.

The advantages of playing European roulette do not end in the game's winning odds, but also extend to the fact that it is the most common variety online. Thus, online gamblers can find more online resources like tips and strategies that apply exclusively to European roulette more than anything else.

With all these said, one can therefore conclude that European roulette has a lot of advantages over its American counterpart in terms of winnability and availability. However, unlike American roulette, this version of the casino game is not as straightforward with all its extra rules. Whether the European variety is better than the New World one is therefore best left to the player's judgment.

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