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There’s nothing quite like trying your luck on the roulette wheel. For a long time it was the preserve of the high classes who took to the glamorous casino floors around the world to bet big and win even more fortunes. Nowadays, you can find a roulette machine in almost every bookmakers in the country and more and more people are having a little flutter on the wheel of dreams- hoping that their lucky selections will pay off. So what tips can we give you if you’re heading to the bookies to play a little roulette?

  • Red and Black
  • A flip of a coin: red and black are the colours most obviously associated with roulette. They represent the slightly less than fifty-fifty chance of winning and are the best and simplest options when it comes to roulette betting. Not only does putting your money on either guarantee you the best odds on the board, it’s dead simple to work out if you’ve won as well! An excellent way to get a quick double up.

  • Stick with it
  • We all know stories of people who didn’t pick their lottery numbers on the one night that they come up. Well, roulette is no exception. If you have a selection of lucky numbers, stick to them! That way you won’t be kicking yourself for chopping and changing.

  • Know when you’ve won
  • Walking away from the machine with a break even or just a few pounds may not feel like the biggest rush in the world but for the sensible gambler, it’s a win. By controlling the urge to win more, you’re more likely to win small amounts or just not lose that much! A good gambler always knows when to call it a day.

  • Work out your odds
  • Just as if you were playing Golden Palace Texas Hold’em Poker. If you’ve covered the whole board in ten pounds worth of small bets, add up the total of the amount you could possibly win. Many people adopt this method without realising that even if they do win, their pay out will be less than what they originally bet. This is an amateur mistake- in roulette you must risk larger amounts on smaller selections to increase your pay out. Laying bets that won’t make you any money is not advisable!

  • Lucky Numbers
  • We can all be a little superstitious when it comes to gambling but having a lucky number isn’t all about superstition. Just as in ‘stick with it’, lucky numbers help the gambler to have a clear mind in selecting naturally arbitrary bets without changing it all too much. Besides, who knows, maybe twenty two is a lucky number after all!

  • Stay Solo
  • The bookmakers is a busy place with lots of people milling about and taking a look at the best bets of the moment. So keep a clear head and don’t let anyone else get in on your betting strategy. Oftentimes people will watch you win or lose but interfering in your betting is bad etiquette.

  • Bet According to the Wheel
  • Choose areas of the wheel that you’d like to cover and bet accordingly on the board. By picking consecutive numbers on the wheel, you’re less likely to kick yourself as the ball drops into a neighbouring slot.

  • Be Brave
  • Placing large bets on just one or two numbers is a great way to get a huge pay out but of course it’s very risky. ‘Zero’ is a great number for a quick and somewhat satisfying spin of the wheel!

  • Spread
  • After picking a lucky few numbers, place bets on the adjacent tiles with half and quarter chip bets on the spaces in between to increase the area of the bet as well as the total pay out.

  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Remember that roulette is just a game and that games should involve some form of enjoyment. There’s little pleasure in losing a lot of what you don’t have on the roulette machine so if you’re not enjoying yourself or are relying on roulette for a living- stop!

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